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New Saturday Morning Routine!

February 5, 2011

Hello 😀

Today has been such a good day….and it’s only 10 am! This morning slept in until 6. (Yep, 6am is sleeping in for me! I usually get up at 5am on weekdays. I’m probably the only college student who willingly gets up that early:D). I made myself my usual breakfast but thanks to MovesNmunchies morning oats, I decided I’d add some peanut flour to my mix this morning. SO GOOD! The peanut flour in combination with everything I usually put in there was spectacular. Happy tummy.

After my breakfast I decided that I need to get back to running again (actually, I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.) I stopped running about 5 months ago because school was taking over my life. I love love love what I’m doing in school but last quarter I had a huge load. It was either keep working out or sleep. I chose sleep, but now it’s a new quarter and I’m sorta taking it easy (only 16 units:D) so now I can start running again! I wanted to start off slow so I’m following this plan:

There is more but that’s the first 6 weeks. It’s a half-marathon training schedule but I thought it would be perfect to get me back into the groove. I started off with the first Monday but tomorrow I’ll start from the first Sunday. I was just itchin’ to get out for a run today, I couldn’t wait!

(These photos are from two weekends ago at the famers market.)
The weather is perfect today. When I first got outside the air was still crisp and the sun was starting to peak out. By the time I got down the piers the sun was up and I was ready to go. Running again was amazing. I couldn’t help but laugh when I was finished because the sun hitting the water was so beautiful and even though I didn’t go far, I still got that rush. I probably looked like a loon but I don’t care, I was loving life!

On my walk back I went through the farmers market. I bought some spaghetti squash and shamelessly flirted with the boy I bought it from. (I bet I looked super cute after my run haha). I got some blue bottle coffee and walked around a but more. Usually my Saturdays I just walk to the farmers market and shop. I’m thinking a run then the market is a better way to spend my morning….New Saturday morning routine? I think yes:D
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It sure seems like I’m going to!

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  1. February 5, 2011 11:01 am

    yay! peanut flour in oats is SO good.. glad you enjoyed it too!! sounds awesome that you want to get into running again- you got a great plan there!

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