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Tardy Tuesday.

February 8, 2011

“I’m late, I’m late, for very important date!”

Today started off like any other (tues) day. I got up, made my oats, watched some pretty little liars (sadly, mr. fitz wasn’t in this episode), made my to-do list, read, started to get ready for my workout when….Buzz Buzz….inturupted me.
Work calling….*uh-oh*
Buzz Buzz
Uh, Hello?
Hi Hannah, it’s Jess…
I was supposed to be at work at 10 not 2, huh. (I thought it was 2-6…oops)
Yeah *laughs* when can you get here?
See you in 20.
*hang up*
I quickly changed out of my workout clothes, threw on whatever (it’s really easy to get ready for work when your dress code, is basically what you would pick to wear anyways), braided my curly mess of a hair, threw a larabar in my bag, slipped on some ballet flats, and I was off to walk run to work.

It’s only 6 blocks so it wasn’t that far, but I hate being late. I would rather be fifteen minutes early to everything then one minute late. Seeing as I’m never late, they didn’t really mind. Actually, my manager was laughing at me because I thought it was such a big deal.

On to better things….like FOOODDDDDD:)

Yesterdays Post workout/morning snack- Peanut Butter Oat Balls, 1/2 Banana, & some cold Unsweeted Almond Milk. So refreshing.

For dinner I wanted something like I had a Breakfast Pizzert a la Katie. I made a carrot cake pizzert and it hit the spot!

Topped with what was supposed to be coconut butter, peanut butter, and dark chocolate chips 😀


This morning I had my oats:

I don’t know how I’ve eaten this same thing every morning for almost a year, and I still think it’s the best thing ever. Oh yeah, because its delicious!

For lunch I had a larabar & and apple. So by the time I got home I WAS STARVING.
I baked some sweet potatoes w/ cinnamon and agave, inspired by Carries post yesterday.


Then I was still hungry so I made some baked banana oatmeal:)

With nut butter inside!

After all that I was started to feel like this….

(adapted from Sweetoothrunner’s baked banana oats.)

I needed to get out of the house and go for a walk or something so I thought I’d stroll up some hills to get to Whole Foods. I was running low on some items. Glad I did, because look what I found!!!!

(please excuse the sports bra, no make-up, crazy hair thing I’ve got going on)

I had been looking for it in the wrong section the whole time! I was super giddy when I got to the checkout stand with all my goods and the nut butter. My checker was extremely adorable (I think it’s a rule that you have to be certified man candy to work there….maybe that is why I find every excuse to get to my whole foods, haha) and probably thought I was crazy because I wouldn’t shut up about the nut butter. I’ve been searching for so long and I finally found it….yayyyy:)

Well I am off to do some politics homework, read, and then get to bed, because tomorrow I’m watching the sunrise over the water on my run. I CANT WAIT🙂

Question 1: Are you always early? Always late? Somewhere in between?
Question 2: What is you favorite nut butter?

3 Comments leave one →
  1. February 9, 2011 1:57 am

    Yay glad you liked the oatmeal girl! 🙂

    HA I’m always late…super disorganised!! 😛 And that second question is just WAY too hard!! I like them all!! Dark Chocolate Dreams is probably my fave though, and almond butter is delish too…

  2. February 9, 2011 4:49 am

    GIRL you have SUCH good eats!! from that pizzert to your oats and that sweet tater and baked oats!!! makin me drool!
    i am always a little a late hehe
    and my fav nut butter is def almond!

  3. February 9, 2011 5:57 am

    That was your dinner?!?! Wow, I love you. Your taste buds rock! 😉

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