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Get it done.

February 10, 2011

Have you ever had an idea SO great, it’s all you can think about? Well last night….I did. It was about 3am and I woke up with this great idea. I sleep with a journal next to me, because for whatever reason I always get ideas while I’m sleeping, then I wake up, write it down, and go back to bed. Sometimes I’ll wake up and not even remember writing in my journal! Last night This morning was different. I stayed up because this idea consumed my every thought. If I can pull this off, it will put me on the map before I even graduate school! I called my mom so excited after I got back from my run and told her all about my great idea. Her response, “Well, get it done.” I love it when she says that to me. It’s so simple and it means she believes in me enough to know I already have it in me….so that what I’m going to do. GET IT DONE!

What is my great idea? Well, you will just have to keep reading my posts to find out!

This morning I went out for my run and tried something different. (I’m straying from the plan. It was supposed to a cross training day, but I was feeling up for a run.) The past couple of days when I was running, I was almost sprinting for the 3 minutes, then walking for the 2. Since I’m just getting back into running, it was challenging for me to get 6 sets in. This morning I decided to just run for the whole 30 minutes. I could run as slow as I wanted but I had to keep going. So thats what I did! It was easy for me and I realized how much I like distance running as opposed to intervals. I saved enough energy to sprint about 1/4 of mile so at the end of my run I was feeling pumped.

Anyways enough talking….How about some pictures! 🙂
For breakfast I had the usual oats….

Here is a picture from my run yesterday….This is the view every morning:D

For lunch I packed a wrap w/ hummus and black beans (not shown)
This bowl of grilled zucchini and berries

Snacks included

Lemon Larabar rolled into balls (I dunno why but I like them better that way, or I just like playing with my food, haha) and some more raspberries.

Course I gotta pack some chocolate….then I also brought along an apple and a peach.
Rocked this outfit:

Tweed Jacket: J.Crew; Tanks: J.Crew; Shorts: Urban Outfitters; Tights: Target; Shoes: J.Crew; Watch: J.Crew; Jewelry: J.Crew, H&M, My mommas real pearls & earrings.
I really like this one even though it’s blurry….
Who want’s to take a guess at my favorite brand?

For dinner I was STARVING so I had…

Random vegan yummy goodness from Whole Foods. I only say that because I forgot what it is. Looks like quinoa something, haha. I just know it was a mix of vegan options.
Along with a simple dinky salad. I needed some crunch…

Of course this was followed with dessert. What would life be without it.
I had a Singe lady Carrot Cake created by the genius herself, Katie.

It was hosed down generously topped with coconut butter. So good.

I finished off the night with more of TJ’s dark chocolate. Maybe that is why I had such good ideas?

Do you ever get crazy random bouts of inspiration?

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  1. February 10, 2011 9:55 am

    Aw yay! You made the carrot cake!
    hehe I am going to have to try your “roll Laras into balls” idea! Fun! 🙂

  2. February 10, 2011 10:35 am

    such great eats!! and GAH you have to tell us!! im so curious what your idea is!!

  3. February 10, 2011 8:16 pm

    What a gorgeous view!

  4. texastriathlete permalink
    February 10, 2011 10:43 pm

    i just ran across your blog…LOVE IT!!!
    i love the city stuff as well as the fashion!!!!
    and the runs!
    Can you recommend some good routes to run? I’m new to the city so still exploring 🙂

    • February 12, 2011 5:20 am

      Thank you…and of course! I really like running down by the water. So the embarcadero is great! If you go on tues-thur-sat, you can stop by the famers market:) (If you drink coffee GET BLUE BOTTLE, it will change your life, haha)Then there is the run by the marina green/chrissy fields. That one gives you an amazing view of the golden gate. If your out by the sunset ocean beach has a really nice trail!

  5. February 11, 2011 7:09 am

    Ooh I love the closeup shot of your oats! And I do the same thing… always write stuff down in the middle of the night!! 🙂

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