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7 Reasons: I don’t Count Calories

February 20, 2011

I was having trouble deciding what my 7 reasons post should be this week, when two girls (who aren’t really my favorite people to be around) in one of my classes provided me with the perfect inspiration.

The scene opens with a group of 5 girls, gathered around a table on their lunch break…

Goldie Locks: Ew do you realize how many calories and fat are in peanut butter?
Hannah: Huh?
Hannah looks up from her container of peanut butter (which she had to bring because she had basically no food in her house), and took big lick of her spoon. She then glanced at the Diet Coke in Goldie Locks’ hand.

Hannah: Do you realize you are drinking rat poison?
Goldie Locks looked at her diet coke and scoffed at Hannah’s comment.
Little Red Riding Hood: Yeah, there is soooo much fat in peanut butter.
Hannah looked at Little Red Riding Hoods TV dinner and sat there in amazement. Was she really getting the bad wrap because she was eating peanut butter?
Hannah: Well I ground this myself….who made your lunch?
Little Red Riding Hood and Goldie Locks rolled their eyes and went back to their low-calorie, low-fat, high-processed food, nutrition lacking food. Then of course Hannah went back to her peanut butter and thought about how she was going to make a pizzert for dinner. Mmm. I wonder what they were gonna have?

7 Reasons: I don’t count calories

1. They turn me into a negative person.

At one point in time…I did count calories. If I went over by just a few, I would by so mad at myself. I would take it out on other people and beat myself up on the inside. I would fill up on highly proccesed low-calorie foods, which generally leave me unsatisfied and all the crap that was put into them put me in a crappy mood!

2. A calorie is a unit of energy

I feel like people sometimes forget this. I know I did when I was counting them! I was always looking for the lower calorie option. Most of the time, the processed foods with the lowest calories were the worst for me! (Duh, but silly me, I never thought of these things)

3. I would always feel unsatisfied

Knowing that I’m only allowed to have a certain amount of something, always makes me want it more! Now I tell myself I can have whatever I want (whatever I want thats vegan anyways) and I’m never left feeling unsatisfied! I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full.

4. I’m not trying to lose weight

I’m happy with my body the way it is (although, not gonna lie I would like some abs….and possibly some guns!). Counting calories would be pointless because my body will tell me what it needs to stay this way!

Now lets get into the science of things…..

5. It is impossible to know how many calories are actually in something.

Ever notice how most calorie labels end with 5 or 0? Thats because they round them. Unless you weigh everything on a food scale, you will never truly know the calorie count! Therefore, it’s possible to under/over estimate just how many calories are in something. Research shows that 50% of all calorie counters do this.

6. Just because something is low-calorie doesn’t mean it’s nutritious!

Lets compare two snacks….
First is 100 calorie Oreo Snack Pack

Just what is in it you ask…..


Next up: PB&J Larabar

What is in it? Dates, Peanuts, Unsweetened Cherries, Salt

Larabars are higher in calories, but way higher in nutrition! Obvious winner is the Larabar!

7. I don’t like math

Giggle if you wish…but I’m not kidding. Doing all of that counting is to much math for me! I’m sure my calorie count is close to being 3000. Above 2500 for sure. The reason I know it has to be high is all the nut butter I eat! Counting that high even if I did get to use an app for it is too much. I’ve got better things to do……like eat MORE nut butter:)

Thumbs up for no calorie counting!

Of course everyone is different….

Do you believe in count calories? Why or why not?

2 Comments leave one →
  1. February 21, 2011 3:59 am

    hhah i LOVE THIS POSt.. so agree with you on how MISLEADING low cal options are!! i def dont count them either. i just read the ingredients labels. .less is more!

  2. February 21, 2011 6:35 pm

    Great post. I agree with you so much – calorie counting makes me obsessive, subconsciously leaves me unsatisfied, and makes food less enjoyable.

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