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Not only…..

February 21, 2011


Not only did my Mama Bear come…..
Not only did my Mama Bear surprise me with Gammy….
Not only did Gammy bring me some good eats….
Not only did my Mama Bear take me to Whole Foods and tell me to stock up because we have the car…..
Not only did Mama Bear surprise me with a graduation trip to NEW YORK this summer…

(is it sad that the food processor trumped New York? haha)
For no reason other then me saying I wanted one in a casual conversation over lunch. “She was just like okay lets go get you one!” Okay then!

All that stuff was great but I would have been just as happy sittin in my tiny apartment with my Mama Bear and watching movies.
Here are some pictures from yesterday…..

Mama Bear and I

Lunch at one of my favorites….Where I ordered oats, haha. I couldn’t help it..they sounded good!

Then we walked around the ferry building….and found this little joint.

Pebbles Doughnuts

Mama Bear and I both got chocolate….Gammy went for the plain.

She missed out…

So yummers
Then we went shopping for a bit and my Mama bought me my new favorite thing next to my camera, and of course her….Then she hooked it up at whole foods! I’m also getting her to try larabars and chia seeds in her oats! Slowly but surely I will convert her from afar, haha!
Then it was time for her to go:( I said by to her and Gammy, and they left. Luckily I had my new toy to drown out the noise of my sorrows:) First up HOMEMADE COCONUT BUTTER. It was a success.
For dinner I ate a homemade cabbage roll Gammy made especially for me!
Normally she puts meat in them but she changed the recipe…..this quote from her was so funny I put it in my phone so I wouldn’t forget.
“Now Hannah I made those special for you, those are organic and have no animal bi-products in them! I went to The Whole Foods and had this nice young man help me find everything for them, and told them to make sure they were vegan.”
The Whole Foods? hahah that poor boy helping her, haha I can picture it in my mind. So funny.

Yummy Gamms.

Tomorrows post will be full of yummy eats! I have to work an overnight tonight (9pm-6am), so I better go take a nap. I love overnights but they kill my sleep schedule!

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