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It’s freezing, eh?

February 26, 2011

Thank you Canada for sending Cali some of your glorious wind. It snowed in San Francisco last night. Okay, so it was only at high altitudes and didn’t come close to snowing downtown, but it was still cold enough to snow!
I went out on a run after class and mistakenly wore shorts. Up top I had underarmor, a turtleneck, a scarf, and beanie….plus some gloves. Needless to say running by the ocean in 38* weather isnt the smartest idea I’ve ever had. My lips turned purple! Luckily, I was meeting J at the ferry building for some coffee and he had a huge peacoat for me to wear! After coffee we went into market bar because he wanted a beer. I looked like I had no pants on. J was laughing so hard and decided to take a picture.

Total creeper, haha.

Today, I woke up for a run and make sure to extra layer! So much better then running in the freezing cold! I stopped at the farmers market too. I picked up a bunch of veggies and some dried cherries. Yum. I then walked home and did a 6×3 workout. I’ll elaborate on that later, but it’s a quick little workout I created.

I’m using the excuse of cold weather to not match…

Then I hopped on the computer, and was tagged by Carrie at MovesNMunchies to do this little quiz/survey type thing….

Thanks girl!

Soooo here you go….

1. This is my planner. I love it and don’t know what I’d do without it! I want to be an event planner /coordinator, so I’m sure I’ll be carrying one of these guys around for a long time!

2. I love watching documentaries! Here are some I’ve watched recently….

Tapped. It’s about bottled water. Warning: You will never want to drink bottled water again!

Food Inc. You have to watch this! Especially if you are into health and doing what is best for your body (which, I’m sure most of you reading this are!)

Waiting for Superman. So sad. I cried (actually, I always cry when I watch documentaries) I was fortunate enough to not have to deal with this system, but there are so many who are just not even given the chance. It’s just really sad, I recommend it though!

3. This is where I grew up…..

Beautiful, huh?

4. If you leave a matress outside your house, I will most definately jump on it….

Even if I’m in 4 in. wedges

5. I am the worst at pin the tail on the donkey….after this was taken I proceeded to stick the tail about 4 inches in front of his nose.

6. I have an older brother….

or is he my younger brother….

or is he my twin?

You will never know…haha, just kidding. He is my baby brother. I’m older by 3 whole years:)

7. I just got a twitter, and need some tweethearts so follow me and I’ll follow you and we can tweet, tweet, tweet all day long, haha.

There you go! 7 Random facts about Hannah.
Now it’s time for…..

To do the same!

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  1. February 26, 2011 11:00 am

    i LOVE DOCUMENTARIES TOO!!! i so want to see food inc.. so so bad!! ahhaahah iw as so confused on how many brothers you had!

  2. April 17, 2011 10:01 pm

    OMG did I somehow miss this?! I’m so sorry! I love love loved reading this 🙂

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