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It’s okay…it’s finals.

March 16, 2011

It’s finals week! I’ve got two down and one to go! If all goes according to plan, I should be walking away with a 4.0 this quarter;)

The following are a list of things that a perfectly okay during finals week……

Eating one of these at least every hour……(frozen raspberries & almond butter!)

Walking to chinatown in the rain to get masquerade masks…..because in true over-achiever fashion, I cannot simply give a presentation on throwing a masquerade ball, I have to hand out masks and treats as well….which brings me to

Feeding my classmates processed,non-g free, or vegan cupcakes because I didn’t have anytime to bake them myself (sorry guys!).

Taking this to school for lunch…..

What is it? Why one of Katelyn’s Quinoa-Hummus-Raisin-Balsamic Bowl…in a jar:D
(Note: If you do take this to school, be prepared to answer: What is that?, about a million times!)

Making J’s Day a little better! He had a huge chem. exam he has been studying for all the time (note my chemical properties for maple almond butter:D)

It’s a small gesture, but it made him smile!

Eating a socca pizza sammich….cold. Cold socca is just as good as cold pizza!

Eating homemade coconut butter strait from the jar….

The list can go on and on!

In other news….I cheated.
No, not on a test silly, but on my morning oats. To my surprise, the world did not stop spinning because I couldn’t have my oats, I’m still alive, and my tummy stayed full for a solid 6 hours! I had one of Ashley’s Buckwheat Bakes!

Ahhhh it was so goood! It was her pumpkin nanner’ version. SO GOOD!

But the day of course couldn’t end without me eating oats, so I had them for dinner. They were soupy, but still yummy!

(We should add horrible photography to the list of things that are okay for finals week!)

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  1. March 17, 2011 8:09 am

    ah no oats! hahhah i never go a day without but that bake sure looks like it did you well :D…. wow a 4.0 you ROCK it girl! ps.. your socca sammi looks SO GOOD!

  2. March 17, 2011 3:42 pm

    All of this looks so delicious! Maple almond butter is my faaavorite. And homemade coconut butter sounds amazing!

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