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Rainy Day Cookie Monster.

March 24, 2011

This rainy weather we have been having, has provided the perfect excuse to lay on the couch and do nothing but catch up on some jersey shore and watch movies. (Who am I kidding, I woulda done it anyways.) After a while, I needed to do some GTL of my own.

Okay, so my G was a workout in my brothers room gym at home. I woke up and my ankle hurt pretty bad, so I took a day off running and did some boxing! It was great and a lot of fun. After about 30 minutes of that, I rode the stationary bike for another 30 and called it a day.

My T, came out of a bottle considering there was no sunshine out. I did however go with my mama and get my teeth whitened (she loathes my coffee stains, I think they looked pretty white already but mama knows best), which makes me look darker right?

My L however, was plentiful, who am I to turn down unlimited free laundry? (One of the biggest-little things I miss about home)

The rainy weather also put me in the mood to make some cookies. When thinking of these cookies, the saying everything but the kitchen sink came to mind.

I made the mistake of putting stevia in them. I hated the weird taste it added, so I went to work trying to cover it up. I have no idea what all I put in there but they were pretty yumm.

I did however use a mix of gluten free and normal oats.
I think I found the root of my tummy problem because the morning after several tastes tests… was not happy at all.
I’ve only been on the detox for about a week n’ a half so I don’t even know if the result is accuarate, but my body definetly doesn’t like gluten!

Even though I couldn’t eat my cookies, they were all starting to disapear. I was wondering who the culprit was and finally my little brother admitted it! The boy who said he thinks all vegan food tastes like grass. I asked him if he knew where all my cookies went, and he said “I didn’t eat them…(long pause) okay not going to lie, I ate them but they were just okay”

Hmm….he ate basically all of them. I bet they were more then just okay.

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  1. March 25, 2011 9:14 am

    ahahha i LOve your GTL! dang 30 min boxing is SO TOUGH!!.. i love getting teeth whitened! but i use strips cuz im cheapo!

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