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How To: Find your happy place (again.)

April 6, 2011

I’m back! From slumpsville and now I’m happily residing in my happy place (where I belong!) Yesterday turned out to be a great day and it brought me back to my normal happy self. Wanna know how….
1. Start the day off with a nutritious (and delicious) breakfast.
Peanut Butter Banana Oats
>> 1/2c. GF Oats
1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
1 Tbsp. Peanut Flour
1/2 Mashed Banana
3/4c.  Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
This one is a no brainer. Starting the day off with a yummy breakfast essential to any good day!

2. Turn off the technology (at least in the morning).
I know for bloggers this may seem out of the question, but I really did think it helped. Normally in the morning I’ll eat my breakfast while bloggin’ it up. If I don’t have anything to do later in the day chances are I’ll food gawk for hours without realizing it. Instead I read a book in the morning, and saved blogging for the pm! (Although, once school starts I’ll be blogging in the morning for sure!)

3. Read a book
I love to read, but with life being crazy sometimes I just don’t have time. I picked this book off my bookshelf…… So far it’s really good! I’m a little over half-way through and I think I’ll finish before the week is over.

4. Buy your favorite runners new book!

Kara Goucher’s new book came out yesterday! I had totally forgotten about it, but I pre-ordered it for my kindle a few  weeks ago. When I saw it in my queue I got so excited! I’ve almost finished it all. I seriously love her! Not only because she is an amazing runner, but because of her stone cold determination. She is so inspiring and won’t stop till she wins Boston. I truly believe that this is her year!

6. Go on a run and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings
Yesterday I had such a great run outside. It was an easy run along the Embarcadero, the ocean was so pretty and the sun was a shinin’.

7. Make a To-Do list, and finish it.
I am a huge fan of lists. I only really use them when I’m in school, but yesterday I made one just so I could feel like I was accomplishing something. I cleaned my apartment, and got some other random chores done.
Yay! I have a clean desk now! Do you love the my little pony picture my 4 year old cousin colored for me? Cause I do!

8.  Have an amazing dinner!
One of Carrie’s Luscious Bowls
Whats in this one?
>> 1 c. Quinoa
1.5 c. Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus Heads, and Snow Peas
1/2c. Spaghetti Squash
1 Tbsp. Hummus+Balsamic Vinaigrette
1/2 c. That stuff that resembles dog food….which is actually,
They are yummy, but look kinda gross.

9. Eat Dessert
Inside Out PB Cupcake (also one of Carrie’s Creations) topped with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
Because seriously, what day is good day unless dessert is involved?

10. End the night watch an all time favorite T.V. show marathon
I’ve always loved this show…..I can always count on the fact that at the end of an episode I’ll be smiling. The humor is ridiculous and so innocent. I miss that about t.v. shows these days.

What is your favorite breakfast?

Who is your favorite runner? (or favorite athlete)

Do you like watching classic TV shows?

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  1. April 7, 2011 1:19 pm

    AGREED TO ALL OF THESE!!1 lovin that luscious bowl and pb cup cake 😀 😀 😀

    fav breakfast: is this even a question? OATS!
    favorite athlete: myself- PSHA.. jus kiddin- i dont have one actually!
    classic tv shows= meh!

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