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Balanced Plate WIAW.

April 7, 2011


After reading the chapter about nutrition in Kara Goucher’s new book, I wondered if I had a balanced diet for a runner. So I decided to track everything I ate yesterday, just to see how balanced my diet really is! Just so happens WIAW was yesterday too…..might as well jump on the bandwagon and say this was for that!

Banana PB Overnight Oats
>>1/2c. GF Oats
1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
1 Mashed Banana
1 Tbsp. Peanut Flour
1 Tbsp. Agave Nectar
1c. Unsweetened Almond Milk
Cal: 552.2  Fat: 20.5 g  Carb: 80g. Protein: 23g.

Then I had an awesome XT workout!
30m. CrossRamp Intervals
2 min easy, 1 min hard
Resistance 5-7
Incline 6-10
Then I hopped in the pool….except I left my goggles at home:( I still did 1/2 mile front crawl though!
15 min Circuit Training

Once again….a Luscious Bowl
>> 3/4 c. Quinoa
1 1/2c. Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus Tips, & Snow Peas
3/4c. Spaghetti  Squash
1/3c. Chickpeas
1 Tbsp. Hummus
1 Tbsp. Balsamic
Cal: 460.3 Fat: 13.55g. Carb:62.75g. Protein: 18
Apple Pie Larabar
Cal: 190c. Fat: 10g Carb: 24g  Protein: 5g

Snack Time!
Snack Plate
1c. Carrots
6 Baby Dates
1 Tbsp. Hummus
Cals: 203 Fat: 2.3g  Carb: 45.5 Protein: 2


>>1 Grilled Orange Bell Pepper
1 Small Sweet Potato
1 Tbsp Coconut Butter
Small Spinach Salad
1/3c. Chickpeas
1 Tbsp. Almonds (like 7ish)
Balsamic Vingar
Cal: 356 Fat: 12.6g Carbs: 53.5 Protein: 12.1

Then I went to a special showing of Bridesmaids!
I laughed almost the entire time, and at 3 points I was crying from laughing so hard. I love Kristen Wiig!!! The women is a genius. The movie comes out May 15th, and I highly recommend you see it!

After the movie I wanted some dessert so I had another Inside Out Peanut Butter Cupcake….
Topped with 1 t. Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter….the last of it 😦
Cal: 203 Fat: 4g Carb: 6g Protein: 23

Daily Total:

Cal: 1964.5 Fat: 62.95g Carb: 271.75 Protein: 83.1

Whoever said vegans lack protein…….I laugh in your face 😛

Carbs: 65% Fat: 15% Protein: 20%
My Diet is a little carb heavy just because of all the veggies, which I don’t ever plan on cutting back on!
I’d say my diet is pretty balanced…..Since I’m not trying to lose any weight I really don’t mind that my calories are almost 2000 (I actually thought I ate over 2000, but hey whateva)

I really like doing WIAW, next week there will be no calorie counting though! It is so time consuming, I almost stopped my experiment by lunch time, haha.

Now I gotta run to the grocery store then speed shop! It’s late and I start school tomorrow! 🙂

What did you eat Wednesday?

Do you count calories/fat/carbs/protein?

Do you love Kristen Wiig as much as me?

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  1. April 8, 2011 3:52 am

    Ohmygosh girl you went ALL OUT! esp with the calorie counting — I used to do it too but had to stop b/c of how much time I was spending adding everything up at my desk… It started to drive me nutso even when the stats were good! haha

    everything for your WIAW looks awesome! i’m super curious to try a SP with coconut butter now too! yum! =)

    So happy you are joining the WIAW weekly par-tay!

  2. April 8, 2011 4:24 am

    omg your diet is PERFECT!! like for real.. such a great balance! i have never calculated all that stuff but i may one day just to see if im doing everything right!

  3. April 9, 2011 2:14 am

    I loveddd this WIAW post! I did one for the first time this week! I’m pretty sure we are the SAME person because we eat all the same foods. Hahaha your breakfast especially looks awesome! And I had a pb cupcake on WIAW too, yayyyy aren’t they SO delicious?!

  4. TheCreamFilling permalink
    April 9, 2011 7:13 am

    Wow now this is a true WIAW post!

    Love your eats 🙂

  5. April 10, 2011 12:03 pm

    What a great post! Your diet is fantabulous! I do dietarty analysis often at work and I cannot fault yours at all. Go girl!!

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