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I love to exercise….but often forget what all I do at the gym after a week goes by. Sometimes I forget when my last rest day was then I’ll keep putting it off(bad, bad, bad). So here is the place where I’m gonna keep track of it all!
**Currently training for a 12k

May 8: 30 min intervals CrossRamp
Circuit Training, 7 machines, 3×10
Pool workout:
200m Free (Warm Up)
Repeat 2x
100m Free (Every 1/3 lap hard)
100m Breast (Every 1/3 lap hard)
Repeat 5x
50m Free (Hard)
50m Breast (Recover)
50m Kick (Hard, No splash)
50m Front Crawl (Recover)
200m Free (Cool down)
Pretty sure that’s mile!
May 7: Tempo Run (3×1/4mi)+NTC Ab Burner
May 6: 1 hr XT, 15 Min Weights  (30 min intervals CrossRamp, 30 Min Pool Intervals, 15 min Circuit Train)

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